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“A heart-wrenching testament to those who choose to care for their loved ones in the days before interment . . . moving and poignant. . . . Westrate has come to believe that many families are missing an extraordinary opportunity for intimacy and healing, and after seeing this film . . . viewers may find themselves sharing that belief.”
       Harry Forbes
       Catholic News Service

“Filmmaker Elizabeth Westrate offers an informative and often moving look at the home-funeral movement.”
       Kevin McDonough
       United Feature Syndicate

“Filmmaker Elizabeth Westrate takes on a sensitive subject, but without any exploitive tone or approach whatsoever.”
       David Bianculli
       New York Daily News

“A surprisingly engaging edition of PBS’s signature documentary-anthology series.”
       Paul Droesch
       TV Guide

“An intimate and fascinating film.”
       Aaron Barnhart
       Kansas City Star

“A quiet yet powerful examination of the home-based funeral movement.”
       Cinthia Ritchie
       Anchorage Daily News


• “The most moving television I think I have ever seen.
    A final splendor to living the authentic life.”

• “Was very enlightening, it allowed me to discuss this issue with my family”

• “This film really speaks to the deepest part of my soul. Thank you for this important offering.”

• “This was one of the best shows I’ve seen and I can’t get it out of my mind. It really moved me”

• “I was totally moved and enlightened by this film.”

• “This film is an answer to my prayers. Thank you to the families.”

• “What a powerful and informative film. Thank you PBS for giving us the gift of choice.”

• “Completely transformed my feelings about responsibility to our loved ones after death.
     Thank you.”

• “Wonderful quality and content!”

• “Thank you for taking out the fear”

• “The best use of television. Thank you PBS.”

Bernard Carr poses with his own casket, which was built for him by his family. Prairie City, South Dakota.
Photo by Andrew Kist © 2002.