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A FAMILY UNDERTAKING aired on the acclaimed PBS series P.O.V. in August of 2004.


To view a trailer, read about the making of the film, post your comments and learn more about the home funeral movement and the history of death care, vist the official PBS website at: http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2004/afamilyundertaking/

The film was funded by the Independent Television Service (ITVS) which receives it funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

To order a video cassette, click here http://www.fanlight.com.


A radio adaptation of A FAMILY UNDERTAKING was featured on the public radio program The Next Big Thing on the weekend of July 31, 2004.


Silverdocs Documentary Films Festival/American Film Institute (World Premiere, 2003)
Mill Valley Film Festival (2003)
Directors Series at New York University (2003)
Docuclub Completed Work Series (2004)
Martha’s Vineyard Independent Film Festival (2004)
Everett Women’s Film Festival (2004)
Telluride Indiefest (2004)
Key West Indiefest (2004)
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (October, 2004)
American Society on Aging (2005)
Athens International Film & Video Festival (2005)
The Aurora Picture Show, Houston TX (2005)

A FAMILY UNDERTAKING was a finalist in the 2003 International Health and Medical Media Awards.


Video and Stills from A FAMILY UNDERTAKING were exhibited at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery in April, 2005

Excerpts from the film were featured in the book In Passing, A Book About Death