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PASSING ON THE GIFT: Heifer International's Mission to End Hunger

This film celebrates the innovative humanitarian organization, Heifer International, which provides food and income-producing animals and training to millions of resource-poor families in 115 countries. The project was a collaboration between directors Elizabeth Westrate and Emma Wilson, and was filmed in Tanzania, Cambodia, Ecuador, Romania and the Navajo Nations.

The film premiered at Heifer International’s 60th anniversary gala celebration in October 2004, and to date, over 350,000 DVD’s have been distributed through the magazine “World Ark”. PASSING ON THE GIFT also screened at the United Nations and footage from the film appeared in Sarah McLaughlin’s video World On Fire. DVDs of the film will be distributed extensively through public schools, libraries and churches. International distribution is currently underway in Eastern Europe and China, and wider international outreach is planned.

Three versions of PASSING ON THE GIFT were produced in varying lengths to maximize the impact of the film in different settings. To see the short three-minute version online, click here.

To order a DVD OF PASSING ON THE GIFT, which contains all three versions (30:00, 12:00, 3:00), call 800-698-2511.

Click here to view production stills from the film shoot.

Visit the Heifer International website at http://www.heifer.org


Heifer Mission & Work Around the World

Heifer International has a unique and successful approach to ending hunger and poverty. Since 1944, Heifer has provided food- and income-producing animals and training to millions of resource-poor families in 115 countries.

Giving microcredit in the form of livestock promotes self-reliance, which builds self-esteem and helps families lift themselves out of poverty.

Milk, eggs, wool, draft power and other benefits from the animals provide families with food and income. Selected appropriately and managed well, animals improve nutrition and help families earn money for education, clothes, health care, better housing and starting a small business.

Heifer's grassroots approach lets people and communities make their own decisions about how to improve their lives. As partners work together to overcome obstacles, they strengthen their communities and foster democracy.

By training partners in environmentally sound, sustainable agriculture practices, Heifer makes lasting change possible. At the heart of Heifer's philosophy is the commitment families make to "pass on the gift," by sharing one or more of their animal's offspring with other families in need. Helping others ensures dignity and multiplies the benefits of the original gift from generation to generation.

Heifer's time-tested approach helps build stronger families, gender equity, vibrant communities and a healthier planet.